about ryan & manon

I'm going where the weather suits my clothes.

Harry Nielson

Ryan and Manon are a newly married singer/songwriter duo hailing from Manitoba, Canada. In the summer months they live and work in the summer tourist resort community of Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba. But as the town empties out for Manitoba's famous 8 month winter and unemployment looms, Ryan and Manon pack their worldly belongings into a 10 foot tent trailer, hop in their truck and head south for a very, very, long drive.

We love singing together.

Heavily influenced by the great narratives of Bob Dylan, the guitar styling of James Taylor and the vocal harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel, Ryan and Manon flow joyfully through a song repertoire of over 75 songs with finger picking guitar and shared vocal harmonies.

They began singing and performing together in 2002 and since then, Ryan and Manon have played gigs at beachside restaurants, coffee houses and ski-resort pubs from western Canada's Rocky mountains through the prairies of the Midwest, east to Quebec, south to Texas and further south still to the beaches of Mexico!

We love the barter system.

During the long drive south we often try to find gigs along the way to help break the monotony (as well as subsidize a bit of the trip's expenses).

We've played at après ski pubs in exchange for a day of skiing. While on the road we'll sometimes play at an RV park bonfire or 'sunset deck' in exchange for a few nights of camping, Heck, we've even played for a romantic seafood dinner!

RV parks, beachside restaurants and small pubs rarely have much in the way of entertainment budgets to offer nameless itinerant singer/songwriters so we lower the bar a bit and try to make it symbiotic through the barter system,.

Let's scratch each other's backs! Symbiosis makes us all happy!