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Hullo friends and family!
After hearing that it was -56C back in Manitoba I felt inspired to rub it in all the more with tales of our misadventures! So get yerself a cup of hot cocoa and curl up by the baseboard heaters and harken:

It’s Not All Pina Coladas, White Sandy Beaches And Hammocks

Admittedly, I haven’t lost any digits to frost bite, BUT there’s rarely soap or toilet paper in our community bathrooms, I am besmurfed with mosquito bites, my back is peeling from sunburn, my bedsheets are full of sand, I have watery poo and coupled with a little chafing rash from kitesurfing it makes it somewhat painful for me to walk.
There, did that make you feel better...

posted by: Webmaster on 23 Jan 2009

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